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The design of the Club burgee includes six martlets and a propellor shown on a white shield against a royal blue ground.

A martlet is an heraldic bird in the design of a stylized swallow with short tufts of feathers in the place of legs. Martlet is an old-fashioned word for martin, and swifts once also called martlets, have such small legs that once they were believed to have none at all. The inability of the martlet to land is often seen to symbolize the constant quest for knowledge, learning, and adventure.

Since at least 1622 the Coat of Arms of the County of Sussex, England, has had six martlets depicted on a shield with a blue background. It is most likely that this was the source of inspiration for the design of the Club Burgee.


In 1909, the Admiralty issued a warrant to the Sussex Motor Yacht Club, which had been founded two years earlier, which permitted members of the Club to use the undefaced (plain) Blue Ensign. Further details about the Admiralty’s grant of the warrant are available on the ‘History’ page.

Any member who is a British citizen or subject, and who owns a yacht registered on the British register, is eligible to apply to the Club Secretary to obtain a permit to wear the Blue Ensign on his yacht.

A yacht may only wear the privileged ensign (i) when the owner is aboard or in effective control of the yacht, and (ii) in conjunction with the SMYC burgee or flag officer’s flag.



Geoffrey Kemp


Geoff has been the Commodore since the Club was re-constituted in 2000.

Simon Hatchwell


Simon has been the Treasurer since the Club was re-constituted in 2000.

Brian Charnley

Honorary Secretary

Brian has been the Honorary Secretary since 2005.

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